LG HD2 3S1P Battery Pack

18650HD2, 2Ah, 10.95V, 10A

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LG HD2 3S1P Specifications

Configuration 3S1P
Cell LG 18650HD2
Cell size 18650
Cell chemistry
Weight 0.1 kg
Length 2.09 cm
Width 2.09 cm
Height 20.43 cm
Charge voltage 12.60 V
End voltage 7.50 V
Capacity 2000 mAh
Maximum continuous discharge current 10 A
Charge current 4 A
Watts 110 W
Energy 22 Wh
Volumetric energy density 418.64 Wh/L
Gravimetric energy density 152.78 Wh/kg
Charge time 5 hours
Operating temperature -20 ~ 70 °C

Size Variations

LG HD2 3S1P 2-layer in parablock 1x1

Length 41.14 mm
Width 20.94 mm
Height 136.14 mm

LG HD2 3S1P 3-layer in parablock 1x1

Length 20.9 mm
Width 20.9 mm
Height 204.3 mm


Q. How to calculate the voltage for 3S1P LG HD2 pack?

A. Take the nominal voltage of the LG HD2(3.65V) and multiply it by series connections (3) for a total of 10.95V.

Q. How to calculate the capacity and current for 3S1P LG HD2 pack?

A. Take the nominal capacity of the LG HD2(2.00Ah) and max. continuous discharge current (25 A) and multiply them by the parallel connections (1) for a total of 2.00Ah and 25A.

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